About us

The need for a local High Care Residential Aged Care facility was recognized in early 1973, although it had been in people’s minds for some time. By 1980, the land had been purchased and funding was in place to commence construction.

Incorporation was achieved on the 13th of February 1975. The Home was officially opened on the 6th of December 1981. By September 1985 it was already recognized the Home needed to expand from its current 44 beds.

Since then a myriad of changes, expansions and upgrades have been achieved: – In 1993 the showers and bathrooms were upgraded and one of the court yards was covered. – 1997 – 98 saw an increase of 5 beds, a change from 4 bed wards to 2 bed wards and construction began on the Day Centre ( then called Health Vision).

In 2000 the nurses station was rebuilt and Administration front counter was updated. – 2003 the kitchen, plant, plant room and laundry were all rebuilt to enable a further planned expansion of rooms.

Early in 2000 the board recognised the need for a more professional approach to management of the business. It was considered the entity was operating as an association and needed a new direction towards operating more as a business. This involved changes in senior staff with external business skills to improve the operational and financial management of the business. The Home is now well placed amongst its peers on all levels of measurement including meeting all accreditation standards.

In 2004 the addition of a 13 bed secure dementia wing (Waratah) commenced building and during the build a further 6 general rooms were added to the Banksia wing. Matthew Flinders now has 69 beds in total with 4 of the beds allocated as High Care respite beds. This latest construction takes the building on the current land to capacity.

Matthew Flinders Home Inc. also operates a Day Centre and Day Therapy program to meet the needs of clients from the community. MFH also delivers care in the Home with Home Care Packages Level 1 to Level 4. The Board of Directors maintains a 5 year strategic plan to ensure all opportunities of expansion and or beneficial changes or renovations are recognised, planned for and resolved where possible.

The Home has maintained strong links with the community. This includes the volunteer operated Second Hand Shop. This operation has provided substantial funds both at inception and throughout the life of the Home.


To enhance the quality of life of Care Recipients through the provision of holistic care and support services in an atmosphere that maintains dignity and supports individual rights.


To be the leading provider of the highest ethical and professional standards in aged care whilst influencing change and recognising individual needs, expectations and rights of Care Recipients and Community Service Users.


It is the philosophy of care in MFH that individuals are valued and entitled to live their lives at the highest level of dignity, independence and quality possible whilst acknowledging they have a right to make their own choices and decisions regarding their lives and care.

MFH Goals

  • To maintain the vision of the home
  • To provide the highest standard of services to Care Recipients and Service Users by suitably trained staff
  • To provide a safe, secure environment in which Care Recipients and Service Users retain their independence, dignity and respect
  • To provide a lifestyle which encourages social independence and variety of experience within a home atmosphere
  • To maintain family and community involvement within the organization
  • To strive for excellence and best practice in all areas
  • To maintain accreditation standards
Matthew Flinders Home