We are absolutely pleased with the announcement that UniSA in collaboration with Matthew Flinders Home Inc have been successful in obtaining a $3.66 million Commonwealth funded grant to build a fit for purpose training facility and develop an innovative education program engaging nursing and allied health students, local staff, residents, and community on our residential aged care facility site.
The training facility will provide a dedicated space for students and educators to support clinical learning and placement activity, in an aged care setting. The training facility will include a simulated resident’s room, clinical skills training laboratory, multi-purpose tutorial / workshop room, student meeting rooms, office spaces and a computer room, incorporating state of the art technology and telehealth conferencing facilities.
The provision of quality nursing and allied health services in aged care, impacts positively on the health outcomes of our care recipients and ageing community.
The expansion of the Rural Health Multidisciplinary program, to enable local development of a range of nursing and allied health placement opportunities, would allow the introduction of a program of structured student activity to teach best practice in aged care, funded on an ongoing basis. It will improve the range and quality of workplace learning experiences available to both students and staff, therefore providing long term benefits to current and future health workforce, to our organization and to the wider ageing community in the region.
This project, together with the refurbishment project of $6.4 million dollars, is a significant investment into the future of our organization and to our community.
Nikki Meredith CEO
Matthew Flinders Home