Day Centre

Matthew Flinders Day Centre is a program that supports individuals over 65 years of age (over 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) who are living in the community to maintain or recover a level of independence which will allow them to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and to remain valued members of our community.

Our vision is to be a leading provider of the highest ethical and professional standards in the Aged Care sector and recognising individual needs, expectations and rights of our community service users.

The Day Centre has a multitude of services to offer, these include:

Social Support/ Dementia Social Support

Social Support is held between 9:30- 13:30 Monday and Friday and 9:30-14:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Day Centre. During these times clients have to the opportunity to participate in a range of activities such as arts, crafts, videos, games, bus outings, luncheons, guest speakers. Our social support group aims to assist the older person to maintain their social interaction skills and personal growth. These factors help the client to remain active and valued members of the community.

Memory Loss Support Group

Our Memory Loss Support Group provides appropriate support and a comfortable environment for people who suffer memory loss or related disorders. We promote the wellbeing of individuals by maintaining life skills. We maintain social skills and self-confidence by promoting social interaction and opportunity with other people. During this time we also offer gentle physical exercise.

Bus Transport

Matthew Flinders Day Centre offers transport to and from the centre as well as transport to outings enabling attendance to those who find accessing transport difficult.


Care Recipients will be offered a nutritional morning and afternoon tea as well as a three course lunch whilst in attendance at the centre.


Individual appointments available Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-12:00. Our Physiotherapist aims to promote functional ability, mobility and quality of life through assessment, evaluation, diagnosis and intervention. Physiotherapy is beneficial for painful, stiff, swollen joints, muscle weakness and injury rehabilitation just to name a few.


Podiatry appointments available monthly pending availability. A podiatrist can diagnose and manage include many symptoms including foot injuries, shin splints and athletes foot, aching feet, cracked heels and heel spurs, thick and ingrown toenails, blisters, corns and calluses, fungal problems and plantar warts.

Easy Moves for Active Ageing

This class offers gentle chair based exercise held on a Tuesday and Thursday from 11am -12pm in the day centre. Throughout the class you will work on balance, mobility and strength. All of which will help with activities of daily living.

Men’s Shed

A supportive and fun Men’s group which enables sharing of skills and social inclusion while working on a meaningful task. This group caters for each individuals physical capabilities.


Here in the Day Centre we offer a range of craft activities from card making, knitting, bead work to painting. All materials are supplied and assistance can be provided by our staff and volunteers. These crafts enable our clients to maintain social inclusion, self- confidence and self- worth all while enjoying an activity that they enjoy.

Cooking Groups

Cooking groups are held throughout the week enabling individuals to work in a group to learn or maintain the skill of cooking with simple recipes. We encourage clients to share their own recipes and cook

Personal Care

Personal care will be provided to any Care Recipient that attends the Day Centre. Individual needs will be determined upon assessment and on a day to day basis.

Every month an activities program is developed and outlines the planned activities run by the Day Centre with the input of staff and clients. These are available from the front foyer at all times.

Accessing services

My Aged Care
An initial assessment will be conducted via phone by the my aged care team or you can log onto
They will determine your needs and process a referral whither directly to the Day Centre or to the Regional Assessment Team, this will depend on your needs. After conducting a thorough assessment and developing an individual support plan which outlines all of your needs and requests for services, you will then be referred to the Day Centre, this making you a Referred Client. After receiving your referral we will contact you to organise a support meeting, during this discussion we will decide how best our facility will meet your needs. From there the commencement of services will begin.

Referred Client Fees:

Social support group $0
Dementia Social support $0
Meal $8
Transport $3 per trip
EMMA exercise $2
Chi Ball Fitness and mobility $6


Initial consult $15
Follow up $10


Initial consult $15
Follow up $10

Non Referred Client Fees:

Social support group $17
Dementia Social support $17
Meal $10
Transport $7 per trip
EMMA exercise $10
Chi Ball Fitness and mobility $15


Initial consult $60
Follow up $40


Initial consult $60
Follow up $40

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